Saturday, April 28, 2012

Nirmal Baba Wallpaper , Pics , Photos , Images

This is the list of Nirmal Baba wallpapers. You can nirmal baba wallpaper for desktop , download them all and add it to your screensaver for PC. You can right click images and click SAVE AS to download a particular content.  We will be continuously adding more images so check out this space again and again to find latest HD wallpaper , images related to Nirmal Baba and pics related to their samagam also. 

Nirmal Baba TV Episodes list

Nirmal Baba TV Episodes full list is given below. This is just a list you can find Nirmal Baba Videos/Episodes on any channel as he is available 24x7 on different channels. Nirmal Baba  Samagam episodes are toooo famous now a days due to controversial issues or it is watchable by their devotees  as their  devotees get solution to their problem just by applying the small solution to their life which is suggested by Nirmal Baba in their samagam. So watch Nirmal Baba Episodes whether you like to watch controversial issues or you are Nirmal Baba Devotee. 

Star News : 5:40am Daily
IBN7 : 5:30am and 6:10 am Daily
Aaj Tak : 6:00am Daily
HISTORY TV18 : 6:30am Daily
Sony TV : 6:30am and 8:00 am Daily
SAB TV : 7:30 am DAILY
SAB TV : 8:30 am DAILY
SAB TV : 7:00 am Sat & Sun
LIFE OK : 7:00 am Daily
Sahara One : 9:00 am Daily
AXN : 9:00am to 9:30 am Mon to Fri
AXN : 8:30am to 9:00 am Sat to Sun
NEWS 24 : 2:00 pm Daily
INDIA TV : 3:00 pm Daily
IBN7 : 3:30 pm Daily
Aaj tak Tej : 6:30am Daily
STAR UTSAV : 7:00 am Daily
DY 365 : 7:00 am Daily
Sadhna : 8am, 2pm, & 7:40pm Daily
Sahara Samay : 7:30am and 2:30 pm Daily
Nepal One : 8:15am Daily
Zee 36garh : 1:30 pm Daily
Divya: 2pm mon-to-sat
Sahara UP : 2:30 pm Daily
Sahara Bihar : 2:30 pm Daily
Sahara MP : 2:30 pm Daily
Sahara Rajasthan : 2:30 pm Daily
Sahara Samay Mumbai : 2:30 pm Daily
Saubhagya : 8 am and 2 pm Daily
Darshan24 : 10 am and 10 pm Daily
Prarthna Odisha : 6 pm Daily
P7 NEWS : 6:30 pm and 12:30 pm Daily
TOTAL TV : 6:30 pm Daily
India News Haryana : 2:30pm Daily
Katyayani : 8:00 pm Daily
Aaj Tak Tej : 8:00 pm Daily
A2Z : 8:30 pm Daily
Nirmal Baba Television Episode in USA
Colors(USA only): Pacific Time: 7 am Eastern Time : 10am
Aaj Tak(USA only) : Pacific Time: 5:30 pm Eastern Time : 8:30 pm
SONY(USA only) : Pacific Time: 6:00 am Eastern Time : 9:00 am
TV Asia (USA) :Pacific Time: Sun to Fri 6.30am, Sat 7.30am, Eastern Time: Sun to Fri 9.30am, Sat 10.30am

Nirmal Baba Official Channel

Nirmal Baba videos can be found on Nirmal Baba official youtube on channel

You will find all the videos related Nirmal Baba Delhi Samagam, all the fans and devotees following Nirmal Baba can subscribe to their youtube channel (Third Eye Of Nirmal Baba) and check all the latest samagam videos .

*All the Nirmal Baba Samagam videos posted there are are copyright of Nirmal Baba  and it shoudn't be copied or reproduced or modified by anyone